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The Gacha Family

Our proprietary extracts of unique herbs contain high concentrations of Flavonoids and Phenolic Compounds providing health benefits such as anti-aging, anti-wrinkling and anti-pollutants.

Gacha Lotion
Gacha Herbal Lotion
Lazada logo icon$9.99

Feel the soothing coolness of Gacha Herbal Lotion all over your face and body. Your skin will feel smooth, elastic and moisturized throughout the day.

Gacha Lotion
Gacha Serum
Gacha Serum
Gacha Herbal Serum
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A single drop of Gacha Herbal Serum will smooth, soften and keep your face radiant without stickiness. Synergizes with Gacha Facial Foam. Also has strong anti-aging properties and helps to fade deep wrinkles (e.g. crow's feet).

Gacha Foam
Gacha Herbal Facial Foam
Lazada logo icon$11.99

Gacha Facial Foam gently cleanses all skin types. Effective for sensitive skin and/or acne. After applying, rinse off to feel your skin rejuvenated - even from the very first use! Best combined with Gacha Herbal Serum.

Gacha Foam
Gacha Soap
Gacha Soap
Gacha Herbal Soap
Lazada logo icon$4.99

Gacha Herbal Soap helps to diminish dark spots, fade blemishes and reduce itching. Lather it on your face and your entire body. Suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

Rediscovering Gacha

According to ancient Thai folklore, village elders from the Isarn region once possessed a herbal remedy which could miraculously cure all manner of cuts, rashes, and skin conditions. Centuries passed and cultural values shifted. Most people now favor modern western medicine over traditional natural remedies.

Knowledge of the remedy had been lost to all but a few traditional healers who were aware of its many useful properties. It was consumed in salads and stewed in Tom Yum. It could be made into a tea which was thought to improve appetite and detoxify the bloodstream.

The family soon realized that the recipe was most valuable when applied to the skin. They boiled it down to extract medicine for rubbing on cuts, rashes, boils, and bug bites. The recipe proved effective in treating these conditions as well as promoting smooth healthy skin.

The Gacha recipe’s remarkable benefits were deemed significant enough to warrant scientific analysis. Lab testing has confirmed the Gacha contains a high concentration of Flavonoids and Phenolic Compounds which can be absorbed by the skin to provide a host of health benefits. With these results it was decided that the Gacha remedy had to be shared with the world.

Our Mission

We at Gacha Herbal are dedicated to providing only natural solutions to skin conditions. We are committed to producing the highest quality Gacha extract-infused skin-care products to revitalize your skin. The contents of the recipe have been analyzed to quantify the concentration of beneficial compounds. The potency of the extracts have been optimized. Gacha extract has many intriguing properties including anti-aging, anti-itching, and antioxidation.

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